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About Cardano

Cardano LogoWhat is Cardano?

Cardano is the first real-life execution of a blockchain that implemented the use of a proof of stake algorithm while every other cryptocurrency at the time being was aiming for proof of work. Cardano is a public-based blockchain with a clear aim of protecting the very privacy of the user and offering consistent and extreme scalability to digital assets and projects aimed to run on a high-tier blockchain. The project was launched back in 2015 and was the third generation of cryptocurrencies back in the day. At first, the token was kind of ignored by the peers and the crypto enthusiasts but later in 2017 Cardano first began to find some traction. In 2018 launching a newer version of the earlier proof of stake blockchain, Cardano was already among the top 5 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalisation.

Unique aspects of Cardano

Cardano is known for the privacy protection that it offers to its clients, users, and business partners alike. Word has it that it is the most secure blockchain there is when it comes to launching independent blockchain projects, distribution, and extension of the NFT domains, and much more but in a completely secure environment. This puts Cardano neck on neck with Ethereum’s blockchain. One of the most impressive aspects of Cardano is that it is extremely efficient and high speed, if a cryptocurrency during its early days is slow then it won’t be able to stick around much longer.

The privacy aspects of Cardano allow the users to be able to be in full control and ownership of their money unlike in banks where banks are in total control of a person’s wealth through and through. Security without any doubt is the shining star of Cardano and the anonymity that it lends to the user is something no other blockchain does. Allows the users to be able to create and code directly onto the blockchain their own cryptocurrencies that are designed for specific purposes. The main difference between Cardano and Bitcoin is that it double checks every computation and validates an already validated transaction just to make sure that it is accurate and nothing fishy is going around.

Why should you invest in Cardano?

The very reason that it is among the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation should make your heart ache for some Cardano tokens but if it doesn’t there are many other reasons to consider investing. At its launch, it was pointed as Ethereum’s killer and in some notion or the other it has been somewhat successful in diminishing the outreach of Ethereum and for that reason alone it deserves some investment from your side.

Another great reason to invest in Cardano is because of fact that it enjoys a strong coding and development team which is not only highly skilled but is able to scale the cryptocurrency to new heights of success. It is not based on a trial and error consensus like Ethereum where they first develop something, take it out for a test run and then implement the changes later on. But for Cardano it is about getting it right with the first test run, no do-overs. For this reason alone you can count on the scalability and audacity of Cardano and must invest something in it.         

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