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Ethereum LogoWhat is Ethereum?

Every cryptocurrency that was created after Bitcoin is known as an altcoin and Ethereum happens to be the first altcoin of them all just as Bitcoin happens to be the first cryptocurrency there is. Ethereum was started as a unique project which allowed for the creation of smart contracts and it was first launched back in 2013. Among some of the co-founders, one name Vitalik Buterin is extremely prominent because of all the work he has done on the development of Ethereum’s blockchain and turning it into the cryptocurrency that it is today.

The original idea was that a series of these contracts would entice each other into a functional computer program and this can be done when a series of conditions are met. But later on, it was unanimously decided among the developers that they are going to use this new invention of yours as a decentralised platform, a blockchain for keeping a digital ledger on various technologies such as NFT, DeFi, and Ethereum as well which is the main cryptocurrency whose transactional information is stored onto the blockchain.

Unique aspects of Ethereum

Ethereum might be the only blockchain where the Ethereum which is a digital token works both as a cryptocurrency and a contract fuel for the consistent functioning of the blockchain. Ethereum has a world-class blockchain that offers a suitable digital platform for not only cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum but the storage of the digital enterprises and functional data such as one can opt to store electrical systems, domain name registration, whole information on the financial markets, NFT along with the digital asset it has enlisted within itself along with digital auctions and whatnot.

So, in comparison, Etehreum’s blockchain is a little more than a conventional blockchain that can only be used for the sake of storing the information about the digital transactions taking place on it in the form of Ethereum. No wonder why it is such a critically acclaimed and well-received blockchain among the digital and financial world.

Why should you invest in Ethereum?

Ethereum doesn’t only enjoy a world-class blockchain system that is not only valid for tokens such as Ethereum itself but has a lot of functions and conventional uses for both the financial and the digital world. One of the more reasons to invest in Ethereum is because its blockchain enjoys a more unique usage other than the digitization of the transactions taking place on its blockchain as it can be used for the initiation, distribution, and even payment collection for various NFTs out there along with its involvement in various DeFi projects as well.

Other than that a new major upgrade has been rolled out to Ethereum in the form of Ethereum 2.0 which only promises to make the blockchain even secure, consistent, and efficient in every aspect of the game. It is not only better, more efficient but users can now get themselves to pay and even consistent rate for mining and transactions which was not applicable in the previous version of Ethereum 1.0. If this doesn’t get you tempted then who knows what will, this makes up for a pretty decent case about investing in Ethereum as the value of this token and its blockchain is only going to increase in the future and you don’t want to miss out on such staggering opportunity.    

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