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Internet Computer LogoWhat is Internet Computer (ICP)?

Internet computer or ICP is a smart blockchain variant that provides other blockchain or decentralised projects with a limitless environment that allows them to back their data and run at the web speed. It was first launched by a Swiss-based blockchain company known as the DFINITY and it provides suitable scalability and infrastructure updates so that other blockchain systems out there such as Ethereum might be able to solve its scaling issues in real-time.

It is believed that by signing up with the ICP the developers out there would be able to have complete access to a decentralised environment that allows them to launch complete mass-market tokenised social media platforms, running a fully-fledged NFT or other DeFi projects. These will be able to run On-Chain and all of that could be done at the web speed which is basically the whole point of making any DeFi project successful.   

Unique aspects of ICP

ICP has been designed to be able to run smart contracts and other scalability graphs and data computation and be able to run them at web speeds. This allows these platforms to retain each and every ounce of data without losing anything and with extreme efficiency too. Any new project that is being designed with the idea that it might be able to run in a decentralised environment but is hitting the bump at not being able to run at the web speed, ICP can help. It is a real-time solution to such projects and initiatives taking place within the crypto space.

The most elementary aspect of ICP is that it works as a bridge for uniting the public internet with that of the blockchain shared by many cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the DeFi projects. This is no simple feat and requires extreme engineering which ICP is able to provide and hold onto for all these great decentralised projects so they can ship out their services to the people without any roadblocks.

Why should you invest in ICP?

ICP is mainly a service that is present to help the companies, entrepreneurs, and programmers to be able to launch their program, DeFi project, or a decentralised social media platform onto the blockchain. So, it doesn’t make sense to invest in something that is not a token per se but holds more of a stock value, right? Well, not entirely. While it is true that ICP works as a service-based platform for all of the decentralised entities out there and doesn’t hold a static value as a digital token but as a digital asset, it is definitely enchanting, to say the least.

It can be traded in just like a stock increasing in value because the main company or entity the stock belongs to has captured a very specific corner of the market and it continues to provide the people with some incredible service whose market is only going to grow into the future. The decentralised web is a new theme and it is going to stick around for some time now and with some luck, it might even go mainstream, and ICP is the digital asset holding all of it together. It is cost-effective and provides extreme scalability, so if you are not going to do it for the sake of its staggering value in the form of a coin then invest in it as if it is a stock whose value is only going to increase in the future.

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